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Planning Board

Laurie Terry, Clerk
(845) 856-8600, ext. 9            


Planning Board Meetings

The 1st Tuesday of every month.

7:00pm - Work Session

7:30pm - Regular Meeting

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Instructions for Public Hearing for Town of Lumberland Planning Board



All meetings are open to the public to hear and discuss the current issues regarding the town and we encourage participation to get input and ideas from the residents.






Planning Board:

Ed Gavalla, Chairman

Sharon Sparling, Vice Chairman

Jacqueline Ricciani, Attorney

Timothy E. Gottlieb, Engineer

Laurie Terry, Clerk



Suzanne Edzenga, Member

Alex Grech, Member

Sue Gregg, Member

Michael Marcasciano, Member








2016 Planning Board Meeting Minutes



February -  no meeting held









2013 Planning Board Meeting Minutes

Planning Minutes — March 5, 2013

Planning Minutes — April 2, 2013

Planning Minutes — July 2, 2013

Planning Minutes— September 3, 2013

Meeting Minutes from 2012

Meeting Minutes from 2011

Meeting Minutes from 2010



The Planning Board is a seven-member board. Each member is appointed for a seven-year term, provided they haven’t been appointed to fill a vacancy resulting from a resignation, at which time they will be appointed to fulfill the remaining balance of that term for which they were appointed. The duty of the Board is to act upon lot line changes, site plans, and special use permits and sign structures as well as the planning, growth and development of the community. The Board also reviews and approves or disapproves subdivisions.


The Town Board appoints all the members listed on the municipal boards. Each member is appointed, with their duties on the respective board established by New York State, Sullivan County and Town Laws. Each member sitting on the boards and committees are to act in the best interest of the Town and the residents they are serving. They are expected to render their decisions on any matters before them without political and resident pressure. Board meetings are open to the public as provided for under the New York State Open Meeting Law. Public attendance is encouraged and welcomed.