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Code Enforcement Officer / Building Inspector

This Department was established in 1985 with the adoption of the Zoning Ordinance and the State Building Codes. Prior to codes and zoning a simple permit was available. New standards have made this department and the issuing of permits more complex. The Code Enforcement Officer is responsible for administering and enforcing all the provisions of the New York State Uniform Fire Prevention and Building Code.


This Department issues all Building Permits, Well Permits, Septic Permits, Flood Plain Designations, Sign Permits and any others necessary, and collects the required fee for these permits.


The Town of Lumberland Building Department is asking those who have obtained a permit through their office to please check the list below to be sure you do not have an expired permit that needs to be closed out. Having an expired permit can cause delay in the process of refinancing or selling your home.

This list does not include all permits issued before 2005. Please contact the Building Department at 845-856-8600 ext. 2, for confirmation of property status.


Please click HERE for a list of Expired Permits!


The Code Enforcement Officer oversees all aspects of construction, and when completed issues the required Certificate of Occupancy or Certificate of Compliance.

Office Hours

Monday – Friday: 8:00am - 2:00pm


David Sparling, Code Enforcement Officer

(845) 856-8600 ext. 1214


Christy Flynn, Code Enforcement Clerk

(845) 856-8600 ext. 1215



Building Permit Application



Fee Schedule For Building Permits

Building Permit Fees Not Refundable


1. One and Two Family Dwellings (NEW) - $150.00 plus 30 cents per sq. ft.

Including Modular Manufactured

A. Additions - $50.00 plus 30 cents per sq. ft.

B. Alterations/Renovations - $40.00 plus 20 cents per sq. ft.


2. Multiple Dwelling (New) - $150.00 plus 40 cents per sq. ft.

A. Additions - $50.00 plus 40 cents per sq. ft.

B. Alteration/Renovations - $40.00 plus 30 cents per sq. ft.


3. Accessory Structures - $40.00 plus 30 cents per sq. ft.

A. Including but not limited to garages, carports, decks and storage sheds.


4. Non-Residential (New) - $200.00 plus 40 cents per sq. ft.

A. Additions - $75.00 plus 40 cents per sq. ft.

B. Alterations/Renovations - $75.00 plus 30 cents per sq. ft.

C. Storage or Pole Type Buildings - $125.00 plus 30 cents per sq. ft.


5. Installation of Solid or Liquid Fuel Burning Heating Appliances

Associated Chimney and Flues - $40.00


6. Septic Permits – Residential – $80.00 for new tank, $30.00 for replacement tank

Non - Residential / Commercial

A. Under 10,000 gallons - $200.00

B. Over 10,000 gallons - $500.00


7. Well Permits and Electrical Permits - $40.00


8. Pools

A. Above Ground - $50.00

B. In Ground - $200.00

9. Demolition Permits (Per Structure) - permit valid for 6 months - $40.00


10. Sign Permits (Depends on size as outlined in The Town of Lumberland Sign Ordinance)


11. Driveway Permits are issued by the Highway Superintendent for a fee of  $50.00


12. Certificate of Occupancy - $30.00 Flat Fee

Compliance, completions, letter in lieu of a C of O, change of use / occupancy and all other final certificates.


13. Building Permits;

Except where otherwise noted, permits expire two years from date of issue. After two years shall be renewed depending on work or work completed.


14. Record Searches (Not limited to Abstract Companies, Banks, and Attorneys)

Not limited to c/o requests, violations and road reports - $80.00 Flat Fee


15. Any Property Owner, Contractor, Agent, Architect / Engineer found to have started to construct, erect, re-construct, restore or structurally alter any structure without a proper permit shall be required to pay double the required fees as set above.