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Tax Collector




Notice is hereby given that I, Virginia V. Horn, have received the Tax Roll and Warrant for Collection of Taxes in the Town of Lumberland, Sullivan County, New York, for the current year and have fixed the following schedule for receiving tax for receiving taxes in person:


Please bring your tax bill when making payment.


If paying in full, please return entire tax bill with your payment.

MAKE CHECKS PAYABLE TO:  Virginia V. Horn, Tax Collector

MAIL PAYMENT TO:                  Town of Lumberland, PO Box 3, Glen Spey, NY 12737


Please write your Section, Block and Lot Number (S.B.L.) on your check (i.e. 14-1-92).


If you would like a returned receipt for your tax payments, please send a self addressed STAMPED envelope.


If using Installment payments:

First payment MUST be postmarked no later than February 1, 2016

Send “Payment #1” stub ONLY with your check DUE by February 1, 2016

Send “Payment #2” stub ONLY with your check DUE by February 29, 2016

Send remaining entire bill with your check DUE by March 31, 2016



ALL tax payments postmarked after February 1, 2016 will be subject to late penalty as listed below.


AFTER APRIL 1, 2016 the taxes will be payable to the County Treasurer with interest in accordance with Section 924-A Real Property Tax Law.

January    PAR
February  1%
March      2%

There is a $20 returned check charge plus any fees which may be levied by the bank.


An additional penalty of $2.00 will be added to your bill if you have not paid (or made an installment) when the unpaid notices are sent on or before March 2 (as required by State Law).


If you no longer own this property, please return bill to collector with the new owner’s name and address or forward bill to the rightful owner.


Updated tax information can be obtained via the Internet at

SOLID WASTE/RECYCLING FEE: The County has imposed an annual fee to pay for solid waste/recycling disposal. This fee appears as a separate line item on your tax bill and is payable along with the tax. Please direct all questions to the County Treasurer’s office at (845) 807-0200.



IF THIS IS YOUR PRIMARY RESIDENCE YOU MAY BE ELIGIBLE for senior citizen tax exemptions if you meet the income guideline. Non-Seniors may be eligible for the basic STAR exemption or Veterans exemption. Property owners have until March 1st to apply for such exemptions. Please contact the Assessor’s Office at (845) 856-8600 x 3.



County and Town Taxes

From January 1 - March 31 every year are payable at the Lumberland Muncipal Building.

Virginia V. Horn,Tax Collector


After the end of March:

Town taxes are payable to Sullivan County Treasurer’s Office located in Monticello, NY and all questions should be directed there.

(845) 807-0200


School Taxes

School Taxes (payable in September) are NOT collected by the Town Tax Collector. If you have questions about your School Tax Bill, please contact the School Tax Collector.


Jean Van de Mark, School Tax Collector

(845) 557-8905



What is the role of the Tax Collector?

The Tax Collector is an elected position.


The monies raised in taxes are the fund on which the town operates. It pays for the maintenance of the roads, Constable Department, Fire Department, salaries of employees and elected officials and the operating costs of the town.


The Tax Collector is responsible for the collection of taxes, payment of it to the Supervisor and the Sullivan County Treasurer, issuance of late payment notices, receipts, maintenance of a daily cashbook, etc.


At any time, current and certain historical property tax information can be found at