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Attention Dog Owners



General Licenses:
  - Spayed/Neutered - $3.50 per year
  - Unspayed/Unneutered - $13.50 per year


Senior Citizen Licenses:
  - Spayed/Neutered - $1.00 per year
  - Unspayed/Unneutered - $3.00 per year


Replacement Tags: $3.00 per tag

The Town of Lumberland will now be issuing with every new dog license and dog license renewal a new Town of Lumberland dog tag that will take the place of any existing New York State Ag & Markets tag. Please discard your old tag once you have received a new one from the Town. Your license information will be filed in the Town Clerk's Office under the new Town of Lumberland dog tag number.


We are making every effort to make the transition as simple as possible. The changes to the previous system include the new tags and the new fees. We have only raised the license fees by the amount mandated by New York State. The Town has also made the decision to only charge senior citizens the mandated state fees and exempting them from the local fee.



Town Clerk

Lumberland Municipal Building

1054 Proctor Road
Glen Spey, NY 12737
(845) 856-8600 ext. 1210


Virginia (Ginni) V. Horn, Town Clerk


Hedwig “Hattie” Brush, Deputy


Monday - Friday: 9:00am - 3:00pm

Or by appointment


New Office Hours:

Starting January 1, 2011, the Town Clerk’s Office will no longer be open on every Saturday. In an effort to keep costs down we are conserving energy by not opening on the extra day on a regular basis. Please know that we will be available to meet with anyone outside of our regular scheduled hours if you call us in advance for an appointment.



What is the role of the Town Clerk?

The Town Clerk is an elected position, serving a four-year term. The Town Clerk’s Office is frequently considered the center of the municipal government. This is the office that is responsible for recording the activities of the Town Board and their meetings and is the central place for all town records to be filed. The Town Clerk wears many hats.


The Town Clerk by law is the Records Management Officer, Public Information Records Officer, Registrar of Vital Statistics, responsible for issuing marriage license, filing death certificates, issuing conservation licenses, handicapped permits, dog licenses, permits for noise, etc. The Town Clerk may execute the Constitutional Oath of Office to all municipal officers serving them.