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For Emergencies call 911


Patrick Cahill is the Town's Chief Administrative Constable, with other adminstrative duties carried out by Sergeant Robert Maas.


The Constabulary can be reached for Non-Emergency purposes by calling the municipal building at:

845-856-8600, ext. 1216.


When the Constables are not out on a regularly scheduled patrol, they are on call for emergencies. Constabulary equipment includes a standard police issue patrol car and two multipurpose four-wheel drive utility vehicles.


The Town of Lumberland Constabulary is a Law Enforcement agency, whose duty is to protect and serve the People of the Town of Lumberland. They are empowered to enforce all the laws of the State of New York and the Town of Lumberland. These laws include but are not limited to: the New York State Vehicle & Traffic Law, Penal Law, Criminal Procedure Law, Environmental Conservation Law, Marine & Recreation Law, ABC Law, Agriculture & Markets Law, and all laws of the Town of Lumberland.


Sullivan County Sheriff's Office:

4 Bushnell Avenue

Monticello, NY

(845) 794-7100

fax: (845) 794-0810


Sheriff: Michael A Schiff

UnderSheriff: Eric J. Chaboty

Patrol Divistion: (845) 794-7100

Chief of Patrol: Blake Muthig


Jail Division: (845) 794-7102

Jail Administrator: Harold L. Smith, Jr.

Civil Division: (845) 791-7979
Fax: (845) 807-0799


Chief of Civil Division: Harold L. Smith, Jr.